im going to take your heart and put it in my pocket




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9 Responses to “im going to take your heart and put it in my pocket”

  1. jl schnabel Says:

    love it. so glad i finally got an octo ring!

  2. Kelly Turso Shoots for Topstitch Says:

    […] Kelly Turso recently did a shoot for Topstitch Boutique entitled Im Going to Take Your Heart and Put It in My Pocket.  The shoot features Fleathers, JC Mazza, Julie Waring, Mustard & Maude, Nomaddicts, Of Corset Fits and Rabid Fox. Check out the full shoot at the Topstitch blog. […]

  3. J. Pizzo Says:

    I love love love this. I am dying for the octo rings, and that fantastic feathered hair flair. Oh and I’d take the llama too.

  4. fawn$$` Says:

    i love this shoot guys. saynnn
    a need: the cropped holey shirt, the corset, and one of those earraaannngggsss. and an octo rang.

  5. kyler Says:

    Awesome kell… I love these.

  6. kaitlin Says:

    Kelly.. you are my idoll!! so good.

  7. cameron Says:

    hey kel, the pictures are amazing as always but perhaps the girls need a hug so they smile a little bit? xoxo


  8. lia Says:

    That is fuckin rad. super duper awesome and lovely. everything about it is the best. photos, crafties, and clothes all rule!

  9. stephanie sc Says:

    such whimsy….you have such gift. i love the way the way the light just penetrates and glows from these beings and creatures of cotoure! btw, i heart the feather headdress. -and i perhaps even covet the hip purses…:) …but, of course, i heart the photographer more so. 🙂 will i see you this saturday–oh i hope so. your presence is desired–comes easy, cheerfully, and reminds me of my roots! the last time we were in the presence of one another, you were knocking bars over, and i was shakin’ mad booty on the dance floor.

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