still in love with lakshmi menon…

lakshmi_menon_dazedconfusedapril09Picture 5Picture 7Picture 6Picture 8Picture 4127foto-decadent-lofficiel-india-march-2008-lakshmi-menonLakshmiMenon-IndiaLOfficielMarch2009Lakshmi Menon - V Magazine Winter 2008Lakshmi Menon Indian Voguelg_10119811_lakshmi_menon_afrodisiaque01Lakshmi Menon - Paris Vogue Nov 2008 - 3.JPGlakshmi_menon_vogue2lakshmi_menon_vogue1lakshmi_menon_vogue0lakshmi_menon_vogue3

one day i can only hope to be this brown.


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3 Responses to “still in love with lakshmi menon…”

  1. maverick Says:

    Great spread! I love the work on your etsy shop!

  2. Gwen Says:

    Gosh! Who made those super platforms?

    I love your blog – it’s fantastic!

  3. Gayatri Says:

    Aah. She is beautiful. She makes us Indians proud 🙂
    I love your blog. It’s great !

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