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Lovely friends~

September 30, 2009

Meet some of my little friends and their new gemstone contact lenses!  They come in every color and animal possibility.  One of my favorites is the bunny love ring with the black zircons in the eyes, though i am dying to make a sterling, white rabbit with rubies in the eyes. Single headed bunny rings coming soon~stay tuned…Bunnyluv by Rabidfox
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buny luv


Dress me up…

September 21, 2009
The perfect little black dress that I've been flirting with...

The perfect little black dress that I've been flirting with...

Black dresses by Gestuz Another little black beauty- both dresses by Gestuz

gilles et dada is a state of mind

September 19, 2009

Picture 1gillesetdada_3DSC0112bw_dbP3SSgillesetdada_1DSC0399bw2_dbY2SSgillesetdada_2DSC0375bw_dbPSSgillesetdada_4DSC0096bw_dbR3SS


mathias schmied

September 18, 2009

LG-wallpinups1LG-pinups01-detailLG-wallpinups1LG-wallpinups1detailLG-wallpinupsdetail2LG-background-orangeandblueMathias Schmiedmore

end of season sale!

September 18, 2009


style makes me sick

September 17, 2009

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 7sophie stephens for house of holland


i miss true blood already…

September 16, 2009

what a great idea for a lookbook..literally going batty for it!

que leeeenda

September 14, 2009


philly’s best dressed

one of my favorite fleather sightings

September 14, 2009

found on rose luardo’s blog, the woman, the myth, the legend…philly i love you!

solid as a rock

September 12, 2009

imogen-belfield-aw-09-collection-6-600x4611241724008126689imogen-belfield-aw-09-collection-5imogen-belfield-aw-09-collection-1-600x449imogen-belfield-aw-09-collection-2imogen-belfield-600x346IMOGEN BELFIELD A/W 09