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November 28, 2009

next tuesday at silk city…can’t go 😦 will you make it for me?



Victor + Rolf = Love

November 23, 2009

Victor & Rolf Summer 2010 collection, pure brilliance.

I’m so in love with you, every last ruffly, sculpted, beautiful angle…sigh.

jamal smith is blank.

November 23, 2009

finders keepers

November 21, 2009

i lurves. rosalind keep‘s trompe l’oeil collection.

images via cyanatrendland

Fleather me, feather me, all day long…

November 14, 2009
bangle02Fealthery, feathery bangles, packed full of charm!
Fleathery, feathery bangles, packed full of charm!
Fleather pouches! Wear them around your neck or boot! New Fleather accessories available at Topstitch

trust fun!

November 6, 2009



the photographer

November 6, 2009

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the double dutch bus

November 5, 2009

DDNOVEMBER.PosterWow….We just got done with Houserobics Double Dutch and now on to the next!! This is going to be our very LAST Thursday Night at the Barbary! After this….we’re moving on to SATURDAY NIGHTS!!!
So, you WANT to be there!!

=============DOUBLE DUTCH=================

Our guest this month….the one and only ZUZUKA PODEROSA & WOOLES DJ from NYC!!!

ZUZUKA PODEROSA drops Brazilian bred, Brooklyn based
swagger like no other. A stylistic blend of Funk Carioca and NYC
rumble add a breath of fresh air to today’s international music scene. Hard to miss with her unapologetic sultry Portuguese lyrics. She is currently hosting a monthly event featuring live performances in collaboration with Le Poisson Rouge, which showcases some of the hottest new tropical sounds from across the globe. The rotation consists of an exotic blend ranging from Baile Funk, Dancehall, Ghettotech, Booty Bass, Afrobass, and many other tropical delights.

She was recently invited to sing on Marcelo D2’s new album ” Arte do Barulho” with the track “Meu Tambor”. Gandja Monteiro directed a video for the song with Marcelo D2, Zuzuka Poderosa & DJ Nuts on his trip to NY last month. Stay tuned for the new video coming out soon!

WOOLES (aka Dj John Woo) is one of the Rio pioneer of contemporary funk crossover, has been practicing the mixture of funk with breakbeats since 1999. Creator of the infamous Apavoramento Sound System, which combine music, crazy parties, videos, documentaries and Tv shows, has played as a Apavoramento’s live pa member in many Brazilian music and film festivals and at gigs in Barcelona, London and Amsterdam.

Wooles, Blunt, Neurose ,Zuzuka Poderosa and other ghouls they
recently developed a label and a manifesto called: Rio Neurotic Bass that only works with frequencies below 7Hz causing symptoms of paranoia, dilated pupils, booty shaking and elicit consumption.

WOOLES is a dj from this label and this Sound System and his one hour audio video set mixes terror, scratches and conspiracies, always with deep hypnotic bass frequencies, recreating the divided city and the tremendous energy of its beats.

In the spirit of Zuzuka’s performance, we are decking out the Barbary BRAZILIAN STYLE!! Including Topstitch Boutique doing Airbrush animal print make-up and Mom Tried Myles doing face painting. Dress in your Tropical Gear!!!

It is also Miss Tina’s Birthday Party!!! Come pay your birthday respects to the queen of style herself!!!!!

And as always….
Presented by Dirty South Joe

Resident Dj’s:
Gun$ Garcia (Brick Bandits) & Lady Prowl (Subdivision)

And Philly’s Flyest Hosts:
Jenny Boom Boom & Talea Bella

$1 Well Drinks & PBR till 11PM. So get thurr earlyyyyy!!

The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave.

Here is the link to Zuzuka’s music video.  You MUST watch it! It is AWESOME!!!