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Dream a little dream

February 26, 2010

Loving the silhouettes of Bosnian designer Lamija Suljevic‘s autumn/winter ’10 collection. contemporary yet museum esc., making crochet and upholstery go a long way.


new new

February 24, 2010

You take my breath away every time

February 21, 2010

Season after season, Sweden- based designer, Susan Backlund never ceases to me with her,  seemingly effortlessly sculpted knitted, yarn, fabric, paper and even hair  fashion origami, creating some of the bulkiest but absolutely stunning sillouettes a woman’s body could become. My favorite are her macrame from the future pieces, she does it so good…

witches brew

February 18, 2010

mesmerized by the spellbinding work of ellen rogers.

some entries

February 17, 2010

whew! hot damn…im blessed to be around such beautiful peoples. im gonna make this easy and take a vote for the best pic.

i can almost smell it

February 16, 2010

miu miu spring 2010

Don’t be scared…

February 16, 2010

We’re all scared of something, what’s you’re phobia? For brooklyn based jewelry designer Carrie Bilbo, she decided to embrace her fears into an entire collection. A recent graduate from Pratt school of art these are some pieces from her senior show. The pieces are inspired by insects, mainly cicadas, spiders and trees, I definitely see the attraction to the haunting beauty of these creatures and elements. Though you can’t hear some of these pieces actually incorporate sound as well to mimic the rattling wisps of cicada wings.

Next is her current ready to wear collection, keeping in theme with her thesis collection, that will be available at Topstitch this spring, I can’t wait!

i see you

February 16, 2010

rose gold. nuuumz.


February 16, 2010


you know

February 16, 2010