starry eyed

‘She Thinks She Can Warn The Stars’ is a collection of new work by Philadelphia artist J.L. Schnabel. Based on the poems of Anne Sexton, more specifically, ‘The Black Art’ as well as the bloody adventures of St. Joan of Arc, each portrait focuses on the idea of veiled isolation and inner dislocation. Often the work portrays a similar character that has been threaded obsessively through each panel; she often manifests as the warrior Saint; hidden behind masks, reduced to skeletons or in one portrayal, meeting her doom at the stake.  As with pervious bodies of work, the new paintings explore the idea of the “hysterical” female, tainted with a sense of dark magic, in the modern world.

J.L. Schnabel was raised in New York and transplanted to Philly in 1999. She is the co- owner of The Toothless Cat gallery and is also the creator of bloodmilk, a line of jewelry using antique objects and cast bone materials.  She holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School University.

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One Response to “starry eyed”

  1. SIRPAUL Says:

    Have you ever heard the album Zipless by Vanessa Daou? It’s a collection of songs inspired by the poems of Anne Sexton…very cool.

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