Just in…

Teamo top, Katra Michener bustier, Mustard and Maude leggings, Fleather earrings, Topstitch sunglasses and gloves

Katra Michener bustier, Topstitch pants, Fleather earrings, Flotsam & Jetsam necklace and bangles, Rabidfox rings, Vivienne Westwood rings and Topstitch sunglasses.

Teamo pants, Lava Juice tank top, Fleather earrings, Global Touch bangles, Rabidfox and Vivienne westwood ring & Topstitch sunglasses.Of Corset Fits leather corset, Fleather earrings, Vintage bangles and Rabidfox rings.Katra Michener dress & bustier, Flocks earrings, Topstitch gloves and sunglasses.All new goodies just in at the Stitch, come and get em’!


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One Response to “Just in…”

  1. jl schnabel x bloodmilk Says:

    pretty girl pretty things!

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