on to the next one…

Alas my lovelies, we are closing our 3rd street location to focus on our online store and work on our new collections for RabidFox, Fleathers and the Topstitch brand. It’s been a wonderful and wild four years providing all of you fly ladies with the most unique and handmade with love jewelry and accessories. We will miss seeing all your adorable faces light up with joy everytime you left with the perfect pair of earrings or leggings, but trust we will meet again! Topstitchboutique.com is coming soon, stay tuned to the blog to keep up with our future reincarnations, we promise we will not disappoint! We love you all so much, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support through our years of hard work and dedication to making the city of Philadelphia a more beautiful place to live, and for helping keep our dreams as well as our talented designers dreams alive and real. Please join us on this special night to celebrate the love we have put into this very special place. Deep breaths..With love always, Tina & Linda ❤


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One Response to “on to the next one…”


    Topstitch will be SO MISSED. We love you girls! ❤

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